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Sustainability Support Services (SSS) Europe AB. is one of the leading names among Only Representative service providers for international chemical safety regulations. Our professionals have a wealth of experience in data evaluation, validation, conformity assessment, scientific research, gap analysis, etc, in the area of Sustainable Chemical Management, Preventive Environmental Management, Health and Safety, Supply Chain Environmental Management, etc.

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Reach Registration 2010, 2013, 2018

SSS – Your own Compliance Management Team.

SSS specializes in Global Regulatory Compliance Solutions. Within a decade of its inception in 2008, SSS has emerged as one of the leading names among Global Regulatory Compliance Service Providers and one of a few providing ISO accredited chemical regulatory compliance services to its client companies.

Today SSS is one of the most sought-after companies for Representative services and provides Only Representative, Authorized Representatives and Responsible Person services in Middle-East, Europe and Asia, for respective regulations. We have achieved 100% success rate in our REACH Compliance Services, during the 2010, 2013 & 2018 REACH Registration Deadlines.

Our 1000 Happy Clients are a testimony to the great rapport we share with them and the fine quality that we offer in our services. This also reflects in the fact that our customer loyalty rate stands at 99% and we have had over 160 companies opting to switch over to us from other service providers. We take pride in our loyal customers, who have chosen to stand with us for the past 10 years.

With our customer-friendly approach and diversified services, our focus is to assist our esteemed clients in their compliance requirements, efficiently and cost-effectively. We aspire to help our clients achieve and implement their respective sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB

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SSS Scorecard & Milestones

10+ Years

1000+ Clients

40+ Countries

  • Client Base of over 1000 companies
  • Managing over 8,000 substances
  • Authored over 3000 Safety Data Sheets
  • 1200 Substances Registrations
  • Over 200 Full Technical dossiers with Chemical Safety Assessment
  • Expertise in IUCLID, Chesar QSAR etc. (Chemical Management tools/software)
  • 2300 Late Pre-registrations
  • ISO accreditation to Group Company in 2015
  • Korea REACH Services since 2016