Who We Are

Sustainability Support Service (Europe) AB (SSS) is a global chemical regulatory compliance support organisation and has been serving over one thousand clients since past ten years. As one of the leading names in representative services, SSS provides Only Representative, Authorized Representatives, Third Party Representative and Responsible Person services in Europe and Asia, for respective regulations. SSS has been successfully delivering the European REACH compliance assistance services, with 100% success rate for Registrations of all client requests well within the May 2018 REACH deadline. It also has the unique distinction of being the only organization that is ISO accredited as certification body for chemical regulatory compliance.

Customer friendly approach of SSS has resulted in a large client base and has established a good reputation for itself amongst its clients. In past ten years more than 99% of customer have renewed their service contracts with SSS, and during the same period over 160 new customers were added by SSS that moved to SSS from other service provides. The overall SSS client base covers over 35 countries.

SSS is also actively advising and contributing towards the finalization of (Draft) India’s National Chemical Policy (NCP), Hazardous Substances (Classification, Packaging and Labeling) rules, (referred as India GHS) and the National Chemical Inventory, a demo of Indian chemical inventory has been presented to the Indian Chemical Ministry and Commerce Ministry. In this context, several background studies and papers have been prepared by SSS on request from Ministry of Commerce. SSS and its group company in India are all geared up to help companies comply with the Indian regulations when they become a law.

What We Do

Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB, specializes in the area of Sustainable Chemical Management. We closely work with the Supply Chain Concept and facilitate actors in the supply chain to comply with various regulatory or other norms that may be required to maintain and/or enhance the sustainability profile of the supply chain. SSS today provides services to over 2000 actors of supply chain from over 35 countries. These services include:

Facilitating compliance with RoHS, REACH, CLP, CSR (buyer requested use), ErP, GHS, China – REACH & CLP, India – GHS.
SSS has a rich experience in providing Third Party Inspection and Certification services to Buyers/Brand owners in adhering with required purchase policies.

Organize awareness and capacity building activities to various actors in supply chain in the above-mentioned areas.
Conduct need-based applied research and field study activities.

Currently SSS has an extensive team of highly skilled and qualified professionals from various technical and scientific backgrounds. This includes a strong core group of 35 professionals from fields such as sustainable development, environmental management, natural sciences, social sciences, information technology, various engineering disciplines and management faculties.

In addition, it has a pool of over 100 freelance experts from various disciplines who can be consulted on a project basis whenever the need arises. This provides SSS with a unique capacity to serve its clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Further SSS aims to continue to concentrate in providing complete support to companies and organizations in order to achieve and implement their respective sustainability objectives.

SSS Team

SSS works in close cooperation with various affiliates and business partners in different countries and regions to support its clients in those countries and SSS supports its business partner’s clients in countries where SSS already has an office. SSS has highly qualified and experienced professionals in Chemical Regulations, Law, Toxicology; Pharmacology; Biology; Chemistry, Environmental Law and Policy; Eco-toxicology etc. Over 20% of its professionals are PhD’s and rest of them are Postgraduates in respective fields.