As of the current discussion on Brexit, the situation remains unclear amongst Industry as well as political circles. Though it seems that no-deal Brexit today is a likely scenario, things can yet change considering restrictions by the Parliament imposed on the British Prime Minister regarding negotiation, request for extension of deadline and to avoid a situation of no-deal Brexit. In either case (deal or no-deal) there is a certainty that there would be a UK-REACH which is identical to EU-REACH.  

UK-REACH that would be effective from the date the UK actually leaves EU, till such date EU-REACH would apply to the UK Businesses.

 ECHA’s announces that in the situation of no-deal, the registrations done by the UK entity may not be valid for business in EU. Further, the EU-REACH registration will no longer be valid for doing business in UK. Therefore, for Indian exporters to continue business in the UK, they shall be required to comply with UK-REACH.

Companies interested in continuing their Business with UK would have to appoint an “Only Representative” (OR) in the UK after 31st October 2019, and the substances to be exported need to be notified to the UK authorities (before exporting, since 31st October 2019). The situation over Brexit is currently unclear and exact details of registration under UK REACH would be clear once UK REACH IT opens after the Brexit date. It is indicated that Notification period would be open for 6 months after actual date of Brexit.

SSS has already setup a UK based “OR” entity to support its existing and new potential clients.

We can provide all the required information and services related to UK REACH Compliance services.